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Tektronix TDS2024C Demo Digital Storage Oscilloscope
2'656.50 CHF 2'258.02 CHF
101A EMC probe set
295.00 CHF
Fluke Ti480 9Hz Industrial-Commercial Thermal Imager
Temperature ≤ -20 °C bis +800 °C
Resolution 640x480/ 1280x960
Sensitivity 50 mK
Connectivity Wireless, USB
13'995.00 CHF
Tektronix MDO3024 Mixed Domain Oszilloskop
Bandwidth 200 MHz
Channels 4
Memory 10M points
Samplingrate 2.5 GS/s
4'865.00 CHF
Tektronix MDO3054 Demo Mixed Domain Oszilloskop
12'190.00 CHF 10'361.50 CHF
Keithley DMM7510 7.5 Digit Graphical Sampling Digital Multimeter
Voltage AC/DC 700V/1000V
Current AC/DC 10A (1nA/1pA)
Resistance 100nΩ to 1.2GΩ
Frequency Range 3Hz-500kHz
4'002.00 CHF
Keithley 2231A-30-3 Manual Triple Channel DC Power Supply
Channels 3
Power 90 W
Current 3 A
Voltage 30 V
680.00 CHF
Fluke 190-204 demo Scope Meter, 200 MHz, 4 Channles
5'059.00 CHF 4'047.20 CHF
Fluke 289 sellout Digitalmultimeter
747.00 CHF 672.30 CHF
Fluke TIS40 demo Thermal Imager 9 Hz Wireless Fixed Focus
3'099.00 CHF 1'859.40 CHF
Fluke TIS65 demo Thermal Imager 9 Hz Wireless Manual Focus
5'699.00 CHF 4'274.25 CHF
Keithley 2450 Interactive Digital Sourcemeter - Single Channel
Channels 1
Power 20W
Max Current ±1A
Max Voltage ±200V
5'785.00 CHF
Keithley 2461 High Current Digital SourceMeter wit
Channels 1
Power 100W/1000W (Pul.)
Max Current ±7A/ 10A (Pulsed)
Max Voltage ±105V/100V (Pul.)
9'108.00 CHF
Fluke 87V Digital Multimeter
Voltage AC/DC 1000 V
Current AC/DC 10A
Resistance 50 M
Capacitance 10 mF
618.00 CHF 494.40 CHF
Micsig TO1104 Tablet Oscillsocope - 80'000wfms/s
Bandwidth 100 MHz
Channels 4
Memory 28M points
Samplingrate 1 GS/s
849.00 CHF 679.20 CHF