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News and Promotions

Tektronix MDO3014 Promo Mixed Domain Oscilloscope, 4 Ch - 100 MHz
Bandwidth 100 MHz
Channels 4
Memory 10M points
Samplingrate 2.5 GS/s
4'359.00 CHF
Tektronix RSA306B USB Real Time Spectrum Analyzer
Frequency 9 kHz - 6.2 GHz
Real-Time Bandwidth 40 MHz
POI 100 us
SFDR (typical) ≤ -60 dBc
4'129.00 CHF
Tektronix TBS2072 Digital Storage Oscilloscope
Bandwidth 70 MHz
Channels 2
Memory 20 M Points
Samplingrate 1 GS/s
1'311.00 CHF
Tektronix TDS2024C Demo Digital Storage Oscilloscope
2'656.50 CHF 1'726.72 CHF
Tektronix TDS2014C Demo Digital Storage Oscilloscope
2'300.00 CHF 1'380.00 CHF
Tektronix TBS2104 Digital Storage Oscilloscope
Bandwidth 100 MHz
Channels 4
Memory 20 M Points
Samplingrate 1 GS/s
2'392.00 CHF
Tektronix TSG4104A M01 RF Vector Signalgenerator with 4 GHz
Channels 2 (I and Q)
Bandwidth DC to 4 GHz
Dig. Modul. ASK,FSK,QPSK,QAM….
Anal. Modul. AM, FM, ΦM, Pulse
8'717.00 CHF
Tektronix AWG4162 Arbitrary Waveform Generator
Channels 2
Bandwidth 600 MHz
Sampling Rate 2.5 GS/s
Record Length 1M (16/32/64 opt.)
Beehive 101A EMC probe set
295.00 CHF
Beehive 150A EMC probe amplifier
525.00 CHF
Keithley 2231A-30-3 Manual Triple Channel DC Power Supply
Channels 3
Power 90 W
Current 3 A
Voltage 30 V
680.00 CHF
Fluke 233 sellout Multimeter with remote display
343.99 CHF 240.79 CHF
Fluke TIS10 demo Thermal Imager 9 Hz Wireless Fixed Focus
1'149.00 CHF 976.65 CHF
Keithley 2450 Interactive Digital Sourcemeter - Single Channel
Channels 1
Power 20W
Max Current ±1A
Max Voltage ±200V
5'785.00 CHF
Keithley 2461 High Current Digital SourceMeter wit
Channels 1
Power 100W/1000W (Pul.)
Max Current ±7A/ 10A (Pulsed)
Max Voltage ±105V/100V (Pul.)
9'108.00 CHF
Fluke 87V Digital Multimeter
Voltage AC/DC 1000 V
Current AC/DC 10A
Resistance 50 M
Capacitance 10 mF
618.00 CHF 556.20 CHF